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The Gals o’ Chile

To Chile’s coast we are bound away

To me heave-ho, hang her Hilo

To Chile’s coast we are bound away

We’ll dance and all drink pisco!

We are bound away at the break of day

Where them little Spanish gals are so smart and gay

To me me heave-ho, hang her Hilo

Sing olay for them Spanish gals!


And when we get to Vallipo,

To me heave-ho etc.

An’ when we get to Vallipo,

We’ll dance etc.

Dance the gals up the street with a roll-‘n’-go,

Oh, grab ’em round the middle an’ we won’t let ‘em go.

To me etc.


Them senoritas, they are smart and gay,

They dance an’ drink till the break o’ day,

Then sleep with you  then tey take yer pay.


Rosita, Anna, and Carmen too,

They’ll greet ye with a hullabaloo,

An’ then they’ll show you what they can do.


Them ol’ senyoras, as we know well

They’re red-hot devils from the other side o’ hell

An’ ye’ll niver get a chance for to ring a Chile bell


When the time comes for to say farewell

Goodbye to the gals an’ our money as well

Oh Callyo, Coquimbo, an’ ol’ Corynel

  • Tok hovudstaden med storm
    – Dette var fantastisk kjekt, skrålar sjantifantane etter å ha løfta taket på Soria Moria under by:Larm-festivalen i Oslo. Les heile artikkelen hos Sunnhordland.
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