Cape Cod Girls

1.  Cape god girls ain’t got no combs,
Ref: Bound away, Bound away!
They comb their hair wiht the codfish bones
Ref: Bound away for Australia!

Full Ref:
Heave her up, my bully, bully boys
Bound away, Bound away!
Heave her up, now don’t you make some noise
Bound away for Australia

 2. Cape Cod girls ain’t got now sleds
Slide down the hills on the cod fish heads

3. Cape Cod girls ain’t take no pills
They get their pep from the Cod fish gills

4. Cape Cod girls don’t wear no clothes
We’re Cape Cod bound just as straight as she goes

 5. Cape Cod girls ain’t bake no pies
They feed their babies with the cod fish eyes!