The gals ò Dublin town

Sometimes we’re bound for Liverpool
Sometimes we’re bound for France
But now we’re bound to Leirvik town
To give them gals a chance

Hoorah, hoorah
For the gals ò Dublin town
Hoorah, for the bonnie green flag
And the harp without the crown

Sometimes we’re bound for furrin’ parts 
sometimes we’re bound for home
A Johnny’s always at his best
Wherever he may roam

Sometimes the weathers fine and fair
sometimes it’s damn well foul
sometimes it blows a Cape horn breeze
that freezes up your soul

Sometimes we are a happy crowd
sometimes we’ll sing a song
sometimes we’d wish we’d never been born
but we do not grouse for long

And when the voyage is all done
and we go away on shore
We’ll spend our money on the whores
Then go to sea for more!