Whip Jamboree

Now, me lads be of good cheer
 for the irish coast we’ll soon draw near
In a few days more we’ll sight cape clear

Ref: So, Jinny keep your ringtail warm
Whip Jamboree, Whip Jamboree
Oh, you ring tailed black man, sheet it home behind
Whip Jamboree, Whip Jamboree
So, Jinny keep your ringtail warm

Now the Barship is in sight,
and soon we’ll be off the old rock light
and I’ll be knocking at your door tonight!

Now we’re warping through the docks,
 all the pretty young girls on the pier do flock
and there’s me Jinny who I soon shall fuck!

Now we’re tied up to the pier,
now it’s down below and pack your musty gear!
And soon I’ll be kissing you my dear!

Now I’m safe upon the shore,
an’ I don’t give a damn how hard the winds do roar
For I’ll drop my anchor an’ I’ll go to sea no more

But now I’ve had two weeks ashore
Now I’ll pack me bags an’ I’ll go to sea once more,
I’ll bid goodbye to my Liverpool whore