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  • 29.06.19 Storm Weather Shanty Choir in Fest i vest Stord
  • 19.07.19 Storm Weather Shanty Choir in Kafe Skuret Trondheim
  • 20.07.19 Storm Weather Shanty Choir in TBA Trondheim
  • 22.07.19 Storm Weather Shanty Choir in Bryggefest/Tall Ships Races Bergen
  • 23.08.19 Storm Weather Shanty Choir in Herr Nilsen Oslo
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The Leaving of Liverpool

Fare thee well to thee my own true love

I am sailing far away

I am bound for Californay-ey

But I know that I’ll return someday.


Refreng: So fare thee well my own true love

And when I return united we will be

It’s not the leaving of Liverpool that grieves me.

But me darling when I think of thee


I have sailed aboard a Yankee sailing ship

Davey Crockett is her name

And Forgess was the captain of her

And I know she was a big floating ship




Well I have sailed with Forgess once before

And I think I know him well

If a man’s a sailor he will get along

But if not then he shure ’s in hell




Farewell to thee Prince’s Landing Stage

And St Alice, and Church Lane

For I know that it will be a long, long time

Before I see you again




…imagine Gogol Bordello singing sea shanties.  (bloggpost etter konsert på The Tractor (Seattle),  april 2010)

Her kan du sjå kva avisene har skrive om oss de siste åra