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  • 29.06.19 Storm Weather Shanty Choir in Fest i vest Stord
  • 19.07.19 Storm Weather Shanty Choir in Kafe Skuret Trondheim Buy tickets
  • 20.07.19 Storm Weather Shanty Choir in TBA Trondheim
  • 22.07.19 Storm Weather Shanty Choir in Bryggefest/Tall Ships Races Bergen
  • 23.08.19 Storm Weather Shanty Choir in Herr Nilsen Oslo
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Shamrock Shore

In early spring when small birds sing and lamb do sport and play

My way I took my friends forsook and went to Dublin bay

 I iam what I ask  a passenger and to England I sailed o’er

 I bade farewell to all of my friends and I left the Shamrock shore


In London fair I did repare some pleasure for to find

I found it was a lovely place and pleasant to my mind

The ladies too were fair to view and rich the purse they wore

But none I saw could compare to the Maids of the Shamrock shore


Minne for livet

«Konsertane med Storm Weather Shanty Choir gir nemleg garantert flassfri bakoversveis og eit minne for livet og opp.» Jonn Karl Sætre, Kvinnheringen, 30. mai 2008.

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